Bone Core Histology of Grafted Areas

You will get you detailed information about both quantity and quality of newly formed bone and the remaining graft particles in trephined bone core biopsies from grafted areas. In addition, our high resolution light microscopic images deliver structural details about the graft particles, presence of foreign body reactions and inflammatory infiltrates.


Do not remove the bone core from the trephine. Place the trephine immediately in 10% buffered formalin (pH 7-7.4) for 48 hours at room temperature.

Place the trephine in a small container filled either with 10% buffered formalin, 70% ethanol or PBS. Seal the container and make sure that the container is absolutely tight.

Send the tightly closed container together with your address, email and phone number to Schupbach Ltd Schutzenestrasse 3 CH-8800 Thalwil Switzerland +41 44 725 4879

Send both the container and the biopsy information sheet by a courier service to our Laboratory.

Specify the shipment as: „Sample for histology“

Please use the form on this page with any specific details you have.

Histology Service Request Form

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