Peter Schupbach Ltd is a Swiss based, independent research and service laboratory in the field of biomaterials. We provide research and services in light microscopy, scanning- and electron microscopy, and high resolution micro-CT. Please contact us by mail or phone for a histology or imaging service requests.


Bone Core Histology

To check the quality of grafted areas we offer histology services of trephined bone cores.

Image Shop

Discover images from our 40year biomaterial research to support your education, presentation, and publishing purposes.

Histology courses

We also offer 1-week learning courses to get profound knowledge about the Karl Donath EXAKT cutting-grinding technique for hard tissues and implants.

A big collection of dental and implant images


Histology Training Courses

During this 1 week course you will learn the following:

  • Karl Donath cutting grinding technique for hard tissue and implants.
  • How to handle and to take care of the equipment and materials needed and stains involved in this technique.
  • Ability to be able to prepare and finalize your own sections.
  • Ongoing future support.

Histology Services

Our industry leading service

  • Detailed information about both quantity and quality of newly formed bone and the remaining graft particles.
  • Using our high resolution light microscope images you’ll learn about the graft particles, presence of foreign body reactions and inflammatory infiltrates.